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About ClickDr

Over One Million
since 2011!
  •  Cost effective: practices receive registrations and payments up to a quarter earlier
  •  Easy: no papers to send out, only an Internet link needed
  •  Quick: the on-line form is received the moment it is submitted
  •  Complete: the form is checked for errors before being sent
  •  Printed: no more difficult hand writing to decipher
  •  Secure: SSL/TLS secure online form
  •  Mouse-drawn signature: no need for a hand written signature
  •  Compliant: with DoH and GMS regulations
  •  Branded: form can be tailor-made to individual practices
  •  Complemented: add health questionnaire and/or alcohol audit
  •  Popular: over 700,000 patients have already registered using us
  •  Inexpensive: the practice only pays 50 pence per registration
  ClickDr has been developed by CampusDoctor, an online registration service specifically for University Practices to help with mass student registrations. We now do this for over 50 University practices from Edinburgh to Exeter. We have been increasingly asked by these practices and others to provide this service for ordinary (non student) patients.
Logo ClickDr is a trading name of CampusDoctor Limited
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